Education is the best provision for old age (Aristotle).

MedWise.eu is an initiative to educate and inform clients about health and medicines based on the common and standardised healthcare practises. On this website you will find information about different subjects. As you can see we offer several services. If you need advise in more detail please contact us. MedWise.eu is here to educate you about your health and medicines.

Safe drug use


The development of drugs takes about 10-15 years. Extensive toxicological and clinical research is conducted to come to a complete effective and safety profile. Dosage; overdosage; duration; adverse events; combinations; pregnancy; elderly; kids. Grapefruit juice for example can change the effect of drugs against high blood pressure. Cholesterol lowering drugs can sometimes lead to loss of muscle tissue. We need to know all the details about the drugs that are available. In the USA 300,000 people per year end up in hospital due to wrong drug use. Read the patient leaflet for the summary and if you don't understand it, get advice.


Medicines and kids

Children have an immature metabolic system and many drugs have never been researched for the use in minors. The application of the drugs in children is challenging but necessary. Some drugs can be administered without any adaptation while other drugs are straightly poisenous even in the smallest dosage. Iron for example is used to treat a mother's anemia (poor red blood cells) but is often swallowed by the toddlers due to its candy like appearance and availibility in the house. It can destroy their liver and can even lead to death. Special care and consideration is needed for drug treatment of small children.



Unbiased information


According to the World Health Organisation there are different paths to improve rational drug use. All stakeholders have their responsibilities. The health care professionals should continue medical education to keep up with the newest technologies and medical facts. The public should be educated about medicines and publicly available independant and unbiased information about medicines should be available for both health care personnel and consumers. MedWise. eu delivers all that. MedWise.eu works according to the international treatment guidelines and in line with the rules and regulations for unbiased drug information.

Consultancy and Education

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